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BREATHWORK - Self-Activated Awareness & Presence.

November 22-23-24, 2019
Module Seven: 3 Days of Deep Exploration 

526 W 26 St
Ste 1001
New York, NY 10001


(An affordable AirBnB is available for out of towners.)

  • Morning movement

  • Several group breathwork sessions in a tightly
    contained (private, confidential) healing space (setting of love, care, attention, and excellence)


  • Facilitated council relating (authentically relating to others in group process)

  • Experiment with tools for a regular conscious breathing self-practice

  • Lightness of being: More energy, renewed appreciation for your own power (taking responsibility for your own experiences and realizing your impact on others)

  • Mental Clarity: Honing your awareness of the present moment

  • Expanding your awareness of the mechanism of living/breathing

  • Understanding habitual breathing patterns: Greater acceptance and appreciation of ‘where’ you’re coming from and who you are.

  • Greater authenticity in your own expression of sensation and experience


What is Breathwork?


Conscious connected breathing, or Breathwork, is a modality of self-realization.


Our quality of breathing is a reflection of our state of mind in any given moment. Our breathing patterns also reflect how we hold life, how we respond to the imprints of our life experiences.


In consciously connected breathing, we begin to feel—with just a brief re-patterning of the breath cycle—to what extent our relationship with our breath is related to our level of consciousness.


Working with the breath applies to many modalities. Consciously connected breathing has been developed in Rebirthing Breathwork and Holotropic Breathwork, amongst others. This Breathwork (breathing through the mouth, with no pauses between the inhalation and exhalation) induces a trance state or, an altered state of consciousness.

Breathwork is an incredibly powerful healing modality that can facilitate deep emotional, psychological and physical cleansing.


A transformational technique that can ignite intense inner exploration, Breathwork can open you up to new possibilities of themselves and who you are in the world.

A breathwork session is an illuminating and often surprising experience. It can help to clarify life purpose, open you up to your personal spirituality in a deeply experiential way, and remove inner obstacles that may be blocking you.

... Breathwork is a safe, effective way to access the full power of non-ordinary states of consciousness... evolving psychology and our understanding of the cosmos.


Not only does this work apply to our personal awakening and transformation, it provides critically important insights into collective psychology that are sourced in transpersonal archetypes or perinatal issues.


Holotropic Breathwork, shamanic practices, psychedelics, powerful spiritual techniques, and non-ordinary states has demonstrated how experiential therapies can help heal issues that simply cannot be reached by conventional verbal therapy.


☆ Relief of Depression

☆ Personal and Spiritual Insight

☆ Decreased Anxiety

☆ Help with Eating or Sleep disorders

☆ Healing in areas that traditional ‘talk’ can’t seem to alleviate

☆ Increased Vitality and Energy

☆ Strengthening of emotional stamina

☆ Release of trauma

☆ Insight into life purpose

☆ Stress Reduction

☆ Increased personal power

☆ Relief from addictions

"I see this process as an activated medicine; it is activated solely by you. It's a medicine of the psyche, of the soul. Inviting energy in this way—a super-oxygenation—with a diaphragmatic breath keeps it anchored in the body. By affecting the vibration of your cells, flowing through energy blockages, this circular breathing is a tool for honing deep presence and finding a “yes” to everything that can be felt. " — Chad