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Rainbow Bridges is a series of retreats and workshops over the course of 1 year, for healers leading one-on-one or group healing & transpersonal experiences. This Program is for those who aspire to deepen their skills in facilitation, and empower all of your relationships and community.
Our 9 module program is designed to bridge your self-awareness with non-ordinary experiences to gain deeper access to remembering that your true calling is already guiding you.
Welcome to your Cohort!
The 2021 Rainbow Bridges Program is open for registration NOW through March 15th 2021!
  • Those who are looking for a space to explore the places within us that might be hard to see and hear on our own. A space held for us by a loving group of cohorts to move past self-judgement, and which allows us to break free of the patterns that no longer serve us.

  • Those called to walk the path of service and are feeling they need some more tools in facilitating groups/circles, or working one-on-one in spiritual coaching and integration.


  • Those of you who are ready to bridge your old life with your new one with as much ease, grace and stability as you can among a supportive community to help and reflect as you build and live your life’s calling.​

  • As we know, in any kind of training of this nature, aspects of the self that are needing healing may arise, but in the spirit of learning and working within a cohort, we ask all to be aware that the focus on this offering is on the role of guide. Personal therapy sessions are included as part of the program. 

  • We combine traditional shamanic cosmological teachings with innovative psychotherapeutic tools and coaching, while showing a deep respect for all lineages.

  • We hold this space to deepen and enlarge our foundations, and get out of the way, so that we may best offer our medicine in service to Source, to our community, and to the earth.

  • We will do this through physical gatherings, in which we work with diverse integration tools and how to apply them in non ordinary states of consciousness. 

  • These workshops are not a rigid course of study; they are meant to be flexibly responsive to the evolution and wisdom of our collective. Since our psychological, emotional, and spiritual presence plays such a significant and vital role in the efficacy of our work, it is essential to carefully cultivate and evaluate these qualities.

  • A deeper awareness of your core systems at work and liberation from unconscious patterns and habits. You will feel more integrated.

  • How to relate with heart-centered connection, deeper trust, intimacy, vulnerability, and balance.

  • How to connect directly with your intuition, your guides, nature, and Spirit - and how to get out of your own way.

  • How to integrate peak experiences.

  • How to hold space for people in navigating non-ordinary states of consciousness.


  • How to ground a plan of action, and to walk the truth that has been awakened in your heart.


  • Knowing what to do when someone regresses into a traumatic memory. How to navigate.


  • How to hold space within the spiritual medicine of your human essence.

  • How to work with soul loss and fragmentation, and how to reintegrate lost fragments of self.


  • How to practice personal, group, and planetary healing.


This offering is a path of commitment,
to right relationship with self,
and with the All.
It is a commitment to service.

year-long Immersive


  • 4 In-Person Retreats (Oneness, Wholeness, Vision Quest, Bringing it Home)

  • 3 In-person 3 day workshops (NYC)

  • 2 Zoom Meetings (Online)

  • 2 private 55 min sessions with Antonia in person or online

  • In between our In-Person Workshops/Retreats we have opportunities to apply our skills in practice sessions together.

We will work in pairs for either in-person or online practice sessions.

  • There will be opportunities to be in service on retreats with Antonia—both local and international—for full program initiates. You are responsible for your travel. 

Rainbow Bridges Full Year Investment: 



Meals and Lodging are Included for Oneness, Wholeness, and Bringing it Home. Retreat participants must provide their own Meals and Lodging for NYC workshops

(Vision Quest you will be fasting & vision-questing outside in nature, feasts at the beginning and end of the retreat are provided)


Lodging for Oneness, Wholeness and Bringing it Home Retreat will be in a shared space
**Sleeping arrangements are shared


Because of the developmental nature and structure of this series, we ask that all attendees commit to the full module/retreat - three, four or five day schedules.


Full Rainbow Bridges Initiates
Deposits of $500 are welcome toward your commitment.

Deadline for full year participants is March 15th, 2021.

Balance of $5,750 is due May 15th, 2019.

No refunds or transfers on deposits after Feb 15th, 2021 

No refunds or Transfers on full year commitment payments after May 15th.

Join our Zoom Call to Meet the Rainbow Bridges 2021 Facilitators 

Time TBA -Sometime in February 2021


FULL YEAR PARTICIPANT program includes: 9 modules

+ 2 sessions of body centered one-on-one healing sessions

The Heart of Transformation

March 22-24, 2019 Module One: 3 days, NYC (Antonia) 

Recovering Lost Fragments

May 24-26, 2019 Module Two: 3 Days, NYC***  

Module One is a prerequisite to take Module Two***



June 2021 Module Three: 5 days, Adirondacks (Antonia)

Vision Quest

August 2021 Module Four: 4 Days, Adirondacks (Antonia, Debi & John)


Sept 2021

Module Five: 4 Days, Adirondacks

(Antonia & Natalia)

True Will Moon School

October 2021 Module Six: 3 Days, NYC (Brian & Antonia)

Bringing it Home

November 2021 Module Seven: 3 Days of Deep Exploration, Appalachians (Antonia)

Best Practices

January 2022 - March 2022 Module Eight and Nine: In-Practice Support and Mentorship, Zoom (Antonia)

Retreat Location

Beautiful Adirondack Mountains
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