Meet The Facilitators

Antonia Talayeh

Antonia is an intuitive healer, energy worker and facilitator of transformational journeys.  

Creating sacred space, she guides you with exceptional safety and security throughout your paradigm shifts.

She holds you with love, compassion, ease, grace and skill in becoming fully realized in your Divine expression, supporting you in living through your heart’s intuition, and guiding you towards actualizing your highest potential.

Antonia has been practicing, and facilitating deep meditation journeys for many years, using various modalities. She has traveled and worked internationally, working in apprenticeship with Mexican and American Shamans, Elders and teachers, and recently continuing her evolution with the Red Road Path in the mountains of Chile, and Moon Dance in Mexico.  Through her work as a Transpersonal Spirit Coach, she fuses modern and ancient cosmological modalities such as Internal Family Systems and Hakomi. Antonia brings a rich and extensive resource of skills to her work. She is guided in her work by Intuition, nature, loving presence, relationships, gifts and opportunities in everyday living to be fully committed to providing you with support for every aspect of your evolutionary journey.

Natalia Yovane

Natalia, a Chilean medicine woman and artist, has lived and traveled around the world learning from masterful elders that have supported and encouraged her on her path to help others. Magnetized to different lineages from the Andes to the Amazon jungle, Natalia connects us to the knowledge and wisdom of her teachers. Her practice is intuitive and creative as she replenishes transcendental spaces with sacred songs, energies and rituals that embraces us with her nurturing healing frequency. Her long time passion and devotion to Yoga and meditation led her to receive her 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training certification studying Swami Vishnudevananda’s lineage. She generously shares her insights of Hatha Yoga, nutrition and wellness to help bring grounding restorative balance into our daily lives. She can offer great guidance and support to encourage one on the path to attaining inner peace and ultimate self-realization. Her greatest teachings come from the simplicity of observing nature, which is an essential inspiration to her current series of drawings characterized as visual medicine. She loves studying psychology, acupuncture, botany, medicinal herbs and is a passionate cook and gardener. 

John & Debi Medeski

Debi and John have been walking a healing path together since they first joined each other's lives 13 years ago. Debi has over 20 years experience teaching Yoga, running her own studio and leading Yoga teacher training programs. For 10 years she led retreats in Costa Rica, Mexico and Peru through her center, which she passed on in 2012. Debi has been apprenticing with her teacher, learning the healing power of medicinal plants for many years and continues to lead spiritual retreats along with her husband John, to sacred power spots throughout the mountains and jungles in North and South America. John has been a musician for his entire life and regularly tours with his band and with others. He brings his talent and love of music to the spiritual gatherings he and Debi lead together. They live in upstate New York and when they are not traveling, love to be home with their daughter and tending to the garden, the animals, their bees and their tribe. Debi recently completed her second year at Moon Dance in Mexico where John supported. They are part of a beautiful community of people who have been sitting together in various ways for over 13 years. They run sweat lodges and sacred circles and are eternally grateful to be able to pray in the ways they do and to share what has been shared with them from their teachers.

Brian M

True Will astrology grew out of Brian's realization that the occult principle of the True Will--or the soul's purpose--has a discernible astrological signature. By combining Pluto-centered Evolutionary Astrology with a disciplined use of Sabian Symbols, and an unusually intensive and collaborative approach to dialogue with you, Brian has found again and again that the True Will can be discovered and articulated in a way that rings deeply true.  Brian believes that knowledge of one's True Will should not be limited to a tiny elite of esoteric occultists. True Will astrology democratizes the knowledge of the True Will, making it available, in principle, to everyone.

Let’s support each other through this evolving journey. Together we can accomplish so much more than any one of us can achieve alone.

Chad Charles

Chad was introduced to conscious connected breathwork in 2011 and it has since become his personal practice. His interest in the breath led him to explore many approaches to breathwork, such as Shamanic, Integrative, Holotropic, Rebirthing, Transformational, Clarity, Breathlight, Breathwave, Motherwave, and others. Following his intuition and some guiding lights, Chad’s explorations have led him to approach the breath as medicine.

His circles are as much a ceremony and a celebration as they are a work in personal and spiritual development.

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