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ONENESS - Meditation Retreat in the Mountains

June 23-27, 2021
Module Three: 5 days, Adirondacks


  • Day 1- One-on-One journey Healing Sessions

  • Day 2- Healing Sessions with group support

  • Day 3-  Healing Session group works, afternoon group process, decompressing the work and taking inventory of what we’ve learned

  • Day 4- Break out groups for integration sessions practicing, deepening

  • Day 5- Closing & late morning departure


During this retreat we utilize medicinal meditation tools and techniques to harness nature’s powerful magic and teachings in opening a direct connection to the Divine source within you, as you traverse the space between the realms of the rainbow bridges - the mystical place of everything and nothing.


This is most significantly a Wholistic reset that allows for a deep release of destructive emotional and mental patterns, as well as an influx of life force that is both inspirational and healing. We will implement dynamic practices and explore 3 levels of dropping deeper into source consciousness.