When we connect to Source Consciousness, we plug into the certainty that we have nothing to fear, nothing to lose. 

Who are these workshops for?

Those who are ready to break through clouds of limitation.

Those who are looking for a guiding light to safely traverse the inner landscape and to help guide others to their true essence.

We are ready to usher you through tried and true methods of

healing that free your deepest truth


and core creative energy.

For those of you who are ready for a deep dive into the most profound healing and relief, we have 7 distinct and extraordinary retreats.


Click on individual retreat titles to find the best explorations for you this year.


Reserve your space or Apply for any or all these Retreats by clicking the drop down links under



Click these links directly:

  1. Heart of Transformation NYC

  2. Recovering Lost Fragments NYC


  4. Vision Quest HUDSON VALLEY

  5. Wholeness APPALACHIAN MTS

  6. True Will Moon School NYC

  7. Bringing it Home APPALACHIAN MTS

In order to take Module Two- Recovering Lost Fragments, you must also take Module One - The Heart of Transformation as a prerequisite. 

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