Rainbow Bridges

Retreats and Advanced Facilitation for Consciousness Raising Evolutionaries


Why Rainbow Bridges?


The rainbow is a shimmering arc in the sky, a bridge between the many worlds.


Each color reflects the chakra system as a symbol of spiritual wholeness.


It is the attainment of such wholeness within ourselves that enables us to cross the Rainbow Bridge <~~~> from the terrestrial to the transcendental and from wholeness into oneness.


The spirit of the hummingbird is our guide for exploring and connecting the different realms of our being. The hummingbird hovers joyfully, kissing on every flower, gathering nectar, nurturing and bringing sweetness & care from each to each.


We will cross these Rainbow Bridges together by following the joyous, nurturing, and holistic spirit of our hummingbird guide.


There is a profound shift happening on our planet, and we are ready to answer our deepest calling to live a more heart-centered life of service. The vibrational quickening of the Earth has awakened many people to the urgent need for healing and for spiritual community.


Some of us have been called to become catalysts for change ourselves, and to actively assist Gaia in her vibrational ascension.


The aim of the Rainbow Bridges is to equip a community of dedicated healers and spiritual change agents and seekers with applicable tools as we awaken more fully to our own core beliefs, thoughts, choices, challenges and relationships. Through this offering, we seek to Re~Member our Whole-Beingness—not only by strengthening our interpersonal relationships, but also by connecting to all the “parts” of ourselves, to our planet, and to Source.


This is a conversation that I have been having with many of you about all of the changes in your lives, both the small transitions and the big transformations, which have led you to feel the call of stepping into service.


I want to help you to discover what your path of service looks like - uniquely for you.


You have inspired me to create a program for us!


The Rainbow Bridges Program is designed to help us to meet ourselves and each other with deeper curiosity, compassion and healing presence. It is a carefully crafted offering of different modalities and experiences enabling us to learn and to put into practice diverse integration tools which are powerful and essential medicines, as well as when we are working with visionary earth medicines. 


These are the tools we need to harmonize ourselves and all of our relationships, and to step into our soul’s calling of healing, transformation, empowerment--and a life lived with maximum meaning and purpose.  

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