Let's Co-Create Our New Earth!

Rainbow Bridges is a series of sequential retreats and transformational experiences over the course of 1 year, for healers, guides, bridge-builders and rememberers to co-create the world we imagine and feel in our hearts. 
For those who offer one-on-one and/or group healing sessions & transpersonal experiences,
and for those who are blossoming and crystalizing your unique way.
This training is for those of you who are deepening your skills in your embodied art as an expression of your essential Self, space holding,
empowering yourself, the cohort, and all of your relationships and communities.
Our 9 module program is designed to bridge your self-awareness with non-ordinary experiences to gain deeper access to remembering how truth and calling is already guiding you. 

The 2023 Rainbow Bridges Immersive

is open for registration NOW through Feb 15th 2023!



Who Is Rainbow Bridges for?

  • Those who walk the path of service and are wanting to practice, embody, empassion, & hone your vessels with applicable tools and experiential somatic studies in your circles, sessions, and in relationship.

  • Those who are looking for a space to explore the places within our beings, which we have more access to in an intentional cohort. We meet our selfs and others, in compassion and empathy, which creates the conditions for us to revolutionize our Interpersonal- (relationships/communication between people) 

      and  Intrapersonal- (awareness of how I affect my environment/relationships).​

  • Those of you who are bridging yourselves and others into this new time - in his/hers/we-story among supportive community to reflect, be held and hold.

  • In any kind of trainings of this nature, aspects of the self that are needing healing may arise. In the spirit of learning and working within a cohort, we ask all to be aware that the focus of this offering is on the role of guide.

      Our own flowering is happening, authentic experience is what we invite and            support with respect, honor and curiosity. We request that you have access to            your own inner resources. Personal therapy sessions are included as part of the          program and encouraged throughout through the many resources we provide.


What Makes This Offering Unique?

  • We combine traditional shamanic cosmological teachings with innovative psychotherapeutic tools and coaching, while showing a deep respect for all lineages.

  • We hold this space to deepen and enlarge our foundations, and get out of the way, so that we may best offer our medicine in service to Source, to our community, and to the earth.

  • We will do this through physical gatherings, in which we work with diverse integration tools and apply them in non ordinary states of consciousness. 

  • These workshops are not a rigid course of study; they are meant to be flexibly responsive to the evolution and wisdom of our collective. Since our psychological, emotional, and spiritual presence plays such a significant and vital role in the efficacy of our work, it is essential to carefully cultivate and evaluate these qualities.


What Will You Gain?

  • A deeper awareness of your core systems at work and liberation from unconscious patterns and habits. Grads have said they feel more sensitive and aware, attuned to Source and direction.

  • A sense of deeper peace and groundedness in your capacities and skills in non violent and conscious communication​ - How to relate with heart-centered connection, deeper trust, intimacy, vulnerability, and balance.

  • How to connect directly with your intuition, your guides, nature, and Spirit - and how to get out of your own way.

  • Profound integration tools and peak experiences.

  • How we work as doulas for souls in non-ordinary states of consciousness (trauma or expressive response) in a time of huge rebirth and change.

  • An evolution in your existing leadership and facilitation work as you are able to access greater depths within yourself your clients and beyond.

Full Year Participants

 Heart of Transformation

Module 1

Disciplines and Landscapes of the Personality

 Learning techniques and states of being for catalyzing somatic mindfulness in ourselves and others through experientials

May 7-9

Full Year Participants

Reclaiming Lost Fragments

Module 2

Heal intergenerational traumas. Working with Parts we access the spectrum of our unconscious behaviors. Heal core wounds.

May 21-23

Full Year Participants


Module 3

Utilize medicinal meditation tools and techniques to harness nature’s powerful magic and teachings in opening a direct connection to the Divine source within you.

June 23-27

Full Year Participants

Vision Quest

Module 4

A rite-of-passage ceremony.  Marks significant life transitions or changes. "Quester" spends time alone in nature in search of a personal vision that also becomes a vision to support the entire community. 

August 13-18

Full Year Participants


Module 5

Deepen empathic connections —past, present and future— to compassionately understand how you came to be who you are, how all your relations came to be who they, are and the opportunities granted for healing and growth.

September 24-27

Full Year Participants

Moon School

Module 6

Learn how to work with the energy of the lunar phases, the seasons of the solar year - and especially the seasons of the 28 moon "soul year," which plays out the same phasal energies of a lunar cycle on a larger scale, over two years and four months.

October 22-24 

Full Year Participants Only

Bringing it Home

Module 7

Grounding our Skills, Celebrating our Growth and Preparing to Fly.

Our Last in Person Retreat and Graduation Ceremony.

December 3,4,5,6

Full Year Participants Only

Best Practices & Integration

Module 8 & 9

Explore real life situations, case studies, and applications and receive  counsel. Bringing to the discussion situations, gold's and challenges that we meet in our world. Have space to process, reflect, and explore perspectives. 


Full Year Participants Only

1/1 Sessions with Antonia

Each session is a surprise as we access the unconscious, the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional levels of your being.

Your body is the map toward remembering the wholeness you are. 

The 2023 Rainbow Bridges Immersive is open for enrollment now through Feb. 15th 2023!