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Remembering Who You Are


Module Four: 6 Days, Adirondacks

Date: August 13-18 2023
Facilitators: Antonia, Debi & John



The "vision quest" is a rite-of-passage ceremony of certain Native American cultures. Traditionally, these rituals have been performed to mark significant life transitions or changes. Generally speaking, they are seen as both personal and collective events that are guided and witnessed within the community, and often involve the "quester" spending time alone in nature in search of a personal vision that also becomes a vision to support the entire community. An important vision quest, for example, is one that marks the passage of adolescence into adulthood.

The vision quest continues to be a powerful way for us to acknowledge, mourn, release, welcome, and celebrate important life transitions of any kind, such as actual or symbolic births and deaths, career changes, divorce, marriage, menopause, birthdays, successes and achievements, children leaving home, recovery from addiction, etc. A vision quest can also be a deeply cathartic way to get away from it all and recharge your batteries!

The vision quest reconnects us to nature, the place from whence we came!

Researchers are increasingly recognizing that direct and immediate contact with the natural world promotes health and development. The documented benefits of spending time in nature include stress reduction, fascination and appreciation for the environment, a sense of competence and self-esteem balanced with a sense of trust in oneself and the world, a more mature morality and care for others, and a sense of awe, wonder, and sacredness. Direct contact with nature also leads to greater commitment to positive environmental action and connecting with your Soul’s purpose here at this time on Earth.


  • Day 1- Late Morning Arrival, Lunch & Orientation and Preparation


  • Day 2- Opening Temezcal (sweat lodge) 

        Begin Quest

       (optional dry or water fast) 


  • Day 3- Vision Quest


  • Day 4- Vision Quest

  • Day 5 -Vision Quest Ends in the afternoon, enjoy a delicious meal, integration circle. 


  • Day 6 - Closing, relaxation, optional one on one time with Antonia and Helping guides. 


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