"Being a participant in this potent offering has been an honor in every way. Antonia’s knowledge, wisdom and deep compassion creates a safe space to forge through to a greater place of healing. The power of traveling with a group of like-minded souls with their compasses aimed in the same direction is very inspiring. The way the program is set up, each module leading up to the next is brilliant and seems as a direct download from the Divine. Witnessing the genuine healing and transformation that has taken place with everyone involved has been mind-blowing. This is a true school of ascension.”


--Mia Luz, RB Cohort 2019

"Rainbow Bridges came at a time in my life where I was ready to grow my clientele, expand my consciousness and create sacred space for my transformation. I knew I must sign up for the full year program and today I am so grateful I did. During my year at Rainbow Bridges, I was promoted to lead facilitator and attracted unexpected abundance. I also received an amazing opportunity to facilitate mindfulness circles with parents and professionals for the Department of Education. I knew these advances in my career were directly connected with all I have learned during my time with Rainbow Bridges. 


My private healing business grew exponentially and I attracted so much new clientele. I hosted my first spiritual retreat, began facilitating healing circles by myself, raised thousands of dollars for my community, and honed into private sessions. I also learned how to facilitate with non-violent communication uncomfortable and necessary conversations in my community and created more oneness between culture and races. 


Most importantly was my inner transformation. I released so much heavy trauma and grief throughout the year. I feel more grounded, wise, proud and gentle. The world is not a place filled with pain and suffering but with abundance and unlimited possibilities. I was able to heal and address my inner racism, my relationship with my mother, my sexual trauma and all things that were keeping me from fully stepping into my light and power. I am a beyond grateful for Antonia for creating this amazing program."


--Kathie Arseno, RB Cohort 2019

"I am so very grateful for the relationships that have formed this year. I feel really inspired to move out of old safe patterns in my work; to risk  "failure"; to move into what I want in order to live a life of inspiration. I realize now, there is no other way if life is going to amount to something truly meaningful. Rainbow Bridges has been the catalyst and you have been my sailing mates. Thank you everyone."


--Denise Neumann, RB Cohort 2019


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