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"Being a participant in this potent offering has been an honor in every way. Antonia’s knowledge, wisdom and deep compassion creates a safe space to forge through to a greater place of healing. The power of traveling with a group of like-minded souls with their compasses aimed in the same direction is very inspiring. The way the program is set up, each module leading up to the next is brilliant and seems as a direct download from the Divine. Witnessing the genuine healing and transformation that has taken place with everyone involved has been mind-blowing. This is a true school of ascension.”


                                                                                                                             - Mia Luz RB Cohort 2019

"Rainbow Bridges came at a time in my life where I was ready to grow my clientele, expand my consciousness and create sacred space for my transformation. I knew I must sign up for the full year program and today I am so grateful I did. During my year at Rainbow Bridges, I was promoted to lead facilitator and attracted unexpected abundance. I also received an amazing opportunity to facilitate mindfulness circles with parents and professionals for the Department of Education. I knew these advances in my career were directly connected with all I have learned during my time with Rainbow Bridges. 


My private healing business grew exponentially and I attracted so much new clientele. I hosted my first spiritual retreat, began facilitating healing circles by myself, raised thousands of dollars for my community, and honed into private sessions. I also learned how to facilitate with non-violent communication uncomfortable and necessary conversations in my community and created more oneness between culture and races. 


Most importantly was my inner transformation. I released so much heavy trauma and grief throughout the year. I feel more grounded, wise, proud and gentle. The world is not a place filled with pain and suffering but with abundance and unlimited possibilities. I was able to heal and address my inner racism, my relationship with my mother, my sexual trauma and all things that were keeping me from fully stepping into my light and power. I am a beyond grateful for Antonia for creating this amazing program."


                                                                                                         --Kathie Arseno, RB Cohort 2019

"I am so very grateful for the relationships that have formed this year. I feel really inspired to move out of old safe patterns in my work; to risk  "failure"; to move into what I want in order to live a life of inspiration. I realize now, there is no other way if life is going to amount to something truly meaningful. Rainbow Bridges has been the catalyst and you have been my sailing mates. Thank you everyone."


                                                                                                       --Denise Neumann, RB Cohort 2019

The Rainbow Bridges program was a profound for me. I deepened my relationship with myself and with those around me. I accessed places in myself that I had long ago shut down and started to understand why they had shut down and how to open them back up. I saw my abilities as a healer grow and my ability to hold space for others deepen. I got to know my triggers and began the work to unwind them.

Antonia is remarkable in her ability to hold space for a large group of people all working at different levels. Its done so deftly that you almost don't see the work/effort she puts in to make group retreats run so seamlessly. In a field that has no credentialing, no monitoring, and no central body overseeing it, she offers a professionalism that is quite needed. The Rainbow Bridges offering is her way of protecting the work we do and making sure that other guides also have propert training and skills before going out into the world. 

(I was both a student and an admin asst. for Antonia throughout RB 2019. Now I help run the program with Antonia. But instead of making me a biased observer of her work, I think it makes my testimonial even more useful. Please feel free to ask me any questions you like about working with Antonia or the Rainbow Bridges program.)

                                                                                                       --Stefanie Cohen, RB Cohort 2019

I am thankful to Antonia for holding a gentle, non-judgmental, and safer space during our time together. She helped me to feel at ease with expressing what was arising in the moment. Antonia is very skilled at utilizing Hakomi and other somatic practices to support someone on their healing journey.


- Butterfly

Rainbow Bridges was deeply affecting in more ways than I can count. The process is still unfolding within me and I know it has changed the trajectory of my life. I feel an immense gratitude that I was able to participate in this program.

Antonia’s method of teaching is organic, adept, and with a high level of skill and compassion. The sessions themselves were full of information, tools, and techniques, a high level of density of material. They also were very experiential, with time to practice new techniques with each other and really let the material sink in. There was an expansive nature to the work, where we would learn a lot in sessions and then take it home and let it sink in over time. The cohort was full of supportive, kind, intuitive, beautiful individuals that I am honored to be able to walk with. 

I came into the program with a narrow, specific intention and I feel like over the course of the year I was able to grow closer to in a far more nuanced and wholehearted way than I could have imagined. Every module I came away with new insights about myself and my place in this greater dance that we are all in together. There were some surprising synchronicities as well. I am more at ease with my being and in how I walk forward in life than ever before. I have so much gratitude towards every one of the souls that helped on this journey — to Kathie and Delia  for the nourishment and caretaking, to Az for his humor and song, to Roger for his guidance, to Steph for her directness and insight, and of course to Antonia for bringing it all to life. I feel blessed and honored beyond measure to have had the opportunity to be growing and creating together with all of you. <3


I learned an incredible amount from watching Antonia do live somatic/drop-in sessions on RB participants. Up to that point, I had done some training in somatic approaches but watching her use the approach in a live session was magic. It blossomed my learning and all came alive! I appreciated the rule that the somatic/drop-in work is crucial to psychedelic work. The ongoing somatic healing sessions are what keeps the opening alive and tethered. I really came to understand what Antonia means when she says that somatic work is psychedelic work without the psychedelic. 

I was also blown away by the planning and care that went into the Wilderness Solo. Before that module, I was moved by the structure of the modules and moved by what I was learning; but with the Solo module, I felt so much love and support. The coordination of so many prayers, the preparation of the land, the sacredness of the sweats--it was all so moving and inspiring. I felt called to deepen into my journey and take it as seriously as everyone who dedicated themselves to supporting our quests. 

Learning from a master is such an incredible privilege, and Antonia is a true master. She has such an impressive breadth of knowledge and wisdom. Every lecture, every question answered and every live session was vibrant and yielded so much learning on my part. I am beyond grateful to have had access to her both a teacher and a healer.  

-Jeni Wishmeyer

I love Stefanie Cohen. She brings so much heart, care and concern for the program. I was in awe of how tuned into both group dynamics and respective participants' needs. She consistently checked in with me and all the participants. She was my connection to coming into the program and she kept me anchored and feeling grounded over its duration


Delia is exquisite. I can't imagine the program without her. Her food medicine was an integral part of our container. 

Jeni W

" My work with Antonia took me through all the layers of my existence.  It was profound and deep to access the earthly and ancestral programs while at the same time feeling the support and information from above.  She deftly navigates the realms while you remain present in the now of the experience, moving and processing all that is.  I highly recommend Antonia for anyone who is ready to step into their next level of becoming. "

~ Rebecca


My work with Antonia has been nothing short of completely life transforming and soul shifting. She embodies a loving presence and container of safety of the highest level. Our therapeutic work together continues to allow for the unfolding of my life's purpose and soul's evolution at a profoundly accelerated rate. Antonia radiates pure love and wisdom. She is absolutely magic. I have learned so many invaluable tools from her guidance and teaching and our experiences together. I am beyond honored and blessed to have her in my life as a guide, friend and ally on the soul's journey! 

Matt R. Rhode Island 

Healing presence is a real thing. I’d actually say it’s the highest thing. Antonia is a channel for that. Words, pointers, and experiences in a therapeutic relationship are helpful - yet, it’s that healing presence that clicks in the relationship and allows major shifts to occur. Grateful that Antonia is an agent of that in the world.

Michael wright


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