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Module Two: 3 Days

*Module One is a prerequisite to take Module Two

Date: May 21-22-23, 2023
Facilitator: Antonia


​​​In this workshop we will explore what is happening when strong emotional experiences arise within you or within someone you are holding space for. When past trauma is activated in present experience -or reaction, we can offer compassion, empathy, a contact statement, or acknowledgement of what that person may be feeling. We also may identify what the need is behind the emotion/reaction and offer the nurturing, missing experience that we want to hear and feel while sill remaining in authentic relationship.


Some of what can happen in session may be expressed as rage, resentment, fear, sadness, grief, guilt, shame, blame which are in essence  Fight-Flight-Freeze responses, understandably, and rightfully so based upon implicit memory, cellular memory, and epigenetics. Sometimes its total ecstasy child-like behavior, baby-like behavior with the inability to find words or context. When we can identify any particular impulse within ourselves and/or the other, We can soothe the part of us that feels triggered while also naming it.


We get to curiously explore those feelings, thoughts or impulses. We then have the opportunity to invite the other person to have some space to explore and identify which “parts” are being activated within them.


We offer an invitation to stay present with their experience by something called titration, the capacity to hold to polarizing feelings at once, in mindfulness, to find what wisdom reveals itself. There's no right or wrong. Being vulnerable and truthful about what we are experiencing can lead to deep healing and harmony. Supporting defenses helps establish trust. 


When we work with Parts we can reclaim lost fragments of our soul, the younger "us’s" that make up the whole of who we are. We can heal intergenerational traumas, as well as global traumas. By working with Parts, we have access to the whole spectrum of our unconscious behaviors. By holding sacred and safe bubbles for them to truly express themselves we bring in new ways of relating, including boundaries and healthy reparenting. We will heal our core wounds.

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