Meditation Retreat in the Mountains

Module Five: 4 Days, Adirondacks

Date: Sept 24-25-26-27, 2021

Facilitators: Antonia & Natalia

Unveil creativity and inspire gratitude.

Our plant Ally and guide we meditate with is all about relationships, relations with family, friends, and the self. During the journey, we will explore the relevance of the relationships and the teachings that you are here to learn, grow from and heal. 

Our relational work is the great work. 

We incarnate here to experience the polarity of the human experience, the from suffering to the beauty and all that lies in between.

We will work inside the journey space to remember and reconnect communication between neural networks, and reclaim

and reintegrate lost soul fragments back into the heart.


The result can be a more curious, lovingly present, mindful and liberating attitude toward our lives where

we can deepen and slow down enough to listen, be 

and experience the totality of our wholeness.


The result can also be the amplification of the feedback loop and pain of the story, lived experience and the feelings around those experiences that have been kept at bay for lifetimes. All in the spirit of healing.

You will experience sound bath vibrations, magical meditations that will be both the vehicle and the gateway to open new neurological pathways of communication.​

As you heal on karmic ancestral and soul levels the unconscious becomes conscious. This experience deepens empathic connections to all of your relations—past, present and future—harnessing your capacities to take the role of other in order to compassionately understand how you came to be who you are. And how all your relations came to be who they are—and where the opportunities are for healing and growth.

​In order to understand this deeper we will learn about our strategies- the sum of our memories, patterns, beliefs, and feelings. 

Acknowledging the very unique archetypes that live within us. 

This meditation provides insight into how people handle life situations and gives insight about how we can work on ourselves and relate with others.

​Through awareness and a body-centered approach we can change our belief systems.

Just as the body contracts to form a particular armor in response to our psychological beliefs, our psyche will also respond to changes in our body. 

Watching for our habitual way of acting in the world we can see which strategies will surface. 

After noticing the strategy a few times, it will not surface as intensely, and rather than believing in the strategy, we can observe that we went into it again and make a choice to respond differently.

This way we are consciously seeing and reorienting ourselves body and soul with the detriment of old contracts and new ones we are now here to embody.

  • Day 1- Morning Arrival, Orientation, Group Meditation Journey


  • Day 2- Integrating our meditation and exploring Archetypes


  • Day 3- Working in Pairs - Mindfulness Practice and Applying our Skills

  • Day 4- Closing & Late Morning Departure

Take a safe, secure adventure into the most mystical area of the universe: your inner self!

​Bask in the glory of unspoiled nature

Revel in free-flowing movement



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